LoviSil® loop splices

15 kV – 35kV

Loop connections of paper-insulated (PILC) or polymeric (XLPE/EPR) cable traces.

Where a substation or switchgear is to be abandoned, the ring feeder cables laid parallel in the ground can be connected without excavation to accommodate a large loop and two straight splices. Both cables are installed on the branch side.

LoviSil® loop splices require less excavation work, less cable and splicer need shorter assembly time.

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The splice construction of outer shells, polyurethane resin and LoviSil® offers supurb protection against moisture and polluted soil.

Uniform build up, pre- installed parts offering efficient installation. Only standard tools and no shrinking or soldering.

One basic concept for all cable configurations. A modular system (base-, cable- and resin module) offers stock cost advantages.

LoviSil® guarantees a reliable electrical insulation and is extremely suitable for future grids.