LoviSil® loop splice eliminates the need for a cable loop

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Delta, a Dutch utility company, succeeded in ‘looping out’ a transformer station utilising just one cable splice and the existing cables laying parallel in the ground. The LoviSil® loop splice offered an efficient and cost-effective solution for this challenge.

The normal approach for this procedure, which effectively makes the transformer station superfluous, is to join the cables together by installing two cable splices plus a loop of new cable. However the LoviSil® loop splice allows the two cables to be mounted directly without an extra cable. Wim Sinke, Delta’s Asset Management Specialist, explains: “This is an intelligent, technical solution that makes use of an existing product in the LoviSil® range. Not only does this splice eliminate the need for extra cable, it also significantly reduces excavation and road repair work.”

Simplicity and high quality

The splicers, who have years of experience of working with LoviSil® trifurcate splices, successfully installed the splice without problems. “They also appreciate simple solutions and, because this solution guarantees high quality, our splicers can perform the work with a sense of satisfaction”, says Wim Sinke.

The reports in the Quality and Capacity document also show that Delta’s splicers are expert at their job. The statistics indicate a steady drop in the number of failures over time. This successful performance can also be partially attributed to the use of a different type of splice (editor’s note: the LoviSil® splice). All of which confirms the quality and ease of installation offered by the LoviSil® range of technical solutions.

Interesting facts

  • LoviSil® loop splace saves cable length but also significantly reduces excavation and road repair work
  • Installer friendly solution resulting in a convenient installation with no splicer errors