Lovink Enertech is synonymous with intelligent, innovative and cost-effective solutions. We develop, produce and supply innovative and reliable cable accessories, that comply with all possible requirements, now and in the future. For the worldwide energy sector, the industrial sector and the sustainable energy market. We want to work with you to help create an efficient and safe society.

Our solutions help to establish reliable electricity grids. We do this by combining smart engineering with proven technology, like liquid silicone, the principle dielectric within the splice. Together with a team of technical specialists we are working on the best solutions for your energy demands every day.

Our cable accessories offer a very long life-span and score particularly well when it comes to ‘failure-free operation’. Due to their smart, intuitive design and universal technology for all voltage levels, our cable accessories are easy to install. This helps to save time and keep the risk of errors to a minimum. In addition, our modular splices are also easy and cost-effective to adjust for specific cable applications. All this leads to a very attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We have innovative and advanced equipment facilities and collaborate with specially selected certified suppliers. This allows us to manufacture products in a range of versions: from standard to customized, but always based on your specific preferences.

We value corporate social responsibility and have a clear vision how we want to contribute as a production company. Read more about our policies and objectives, see button on the right.

The brand Lovink Enertech consists of people. They make our products easy and flawless to install, and develop solutions to improve the performance of the electricity grid. Discover how dedicated our people are, see button on the right.

Lovink Enertech is part of Lovink Industries, a financial healthy Dutch holding-company, 100% privately owned and managed by the current owners.

All this makes Lovink Enertech an attractive partner. Get in contact with one of our Account Managers and let us convince you of our technical solutions and added value. Effective collaboration results in good connections: we connect your power.