Buenos Aires opts for certainty LoviSil® technology

LoviSil® cable splices from Lovink Enertech are ideal for transition splices. In countries where there is a lot of paper-insulated cables still in use, the use of LoviSil® transition splices is a wise choice. This is also the case in Argentina, where our distributor Compet S.A. is currently achieving great success with LoviSil® technology.

Many extensions and replacements are currently taking place in urban areas, obviously with new polymeric-insulated cables. The Argentine network operators were mainly familiar with heat and cold shrink technologies. Compet S.A. introduced liquid silicone technology to Argentina and not without success!

LoviSil® transition splices are in full use in the Buenos Aires grid. There they know that timely maintenance and proper installation is incredibly important. Malfunctions in densely populated cities can bring social life to a standstill and cause a lot of damage.

Superior protection

Leonardo Nardini Director of Compet S.A. explains, “The innovative LoviSil® technology offers a reliable and durable solution. The liquid silicone protects and enhances the performance of the old paper cable.” In addition, the transition splices offer superior mechanical protection that ensures operation even in the harshest conditions. The network operators are additionally delighted with the installation. “Splicers find the LoviSil® cable splices incredibly easy to install, significantly reducing human error,” Leonardo said.

The choice for LoviSil® cable splices by one of the Top 3 energy companies in Argentina is a good promotion for the liquid silicone technology and a great achievement by our Argentinian agent Compet S.A.

Interesting facts