LoviSil® splices for Pulrose bridge reconstruction

Manx Utilities Authority is a long-standing customer of LoviSil® cable splices. Their large reconstruction project on Pulrose bridge shows the importance of reliable and easy to install splices. 

Pulrose Road is a strategic cable route with four 33kV cable circuits crossing the bridge, essential for transferring power from the Isle of Man to the UK National Grid and supplying electricity to around 20,000 customers.

In 2020 the Isle of Man’s Department Of Infrastructure started with the replacement scheme, taking into account the large impact on a number of critical electrical circuits. The reconstruction was planned in two stages, requiring permanent diversion of existing services, including high voltage (33kV, 11kV) and low voltage electricity circuits,

Long-standing relationship

MUA have used Lovink 11kV splices since the mid-90s and in 2018 transitioned over to a Lovink 33kV solution for splicing their polymeric to polymeric singles.  For this project MUA installed 24 x 33kV and 12 x 11kV LoviSil® M Series splices to carry out all of the necessary MV circuit diversions.

Feedback from the splicers on site was extremely positive and all circuits were returned to service according to schedule.  This contributed to the project being completed on time and on budget.

Cable Assets Engineer Kevin Kniveton of Manx Utilities: ”Manx Utilities have been using Lovink splicing solutions for over 20 years. The splices continuously evolve to ensure ease of installation whilst maintaining high levels of reliability. We welcome the recent move to use recycled ABS material in
the outer shell as this supports Manx Utilities in reducing its environmental impact.”


Interesting facts

  • The easy to install cable splices contributed to an on time completion of this project