Lovink started producing cable splices 100 years ago this year. In 1919, the first cable splice was supplied to the PGEM, which is now part of Alliander (previously NUON). That is when companies started to install the first underground electricity cable networks.

For many years, we supplied the first generation of our bitumen-filled cast iron cable splices. This continued until the ‘60s, when plastic emerged and resulted in cable splices being filled with synthetic resins. In the ‘80s, Lovink developed its first medium-voltage splice filled with LoviSil®. The success of this splice remains unrivalled to this very day.

100 years later, we are still producing cable splices and Lovink has established a good reputation in the global energy sector. This is something we are very proud of and do not want to let 2019 pass unnoticed. In the coming months, we will be dedicating several articles to how cable splices have developed over the past 100 years. A celebration with customers and distributors has also been planned for autumn.

Finally, we would also like to thank users of our cable splices, the splicer, for 100 years of loyalty. A HeatPad has been added to many splices in the last, which will make it even easier to install LoviSil® splices.