Our policy

Our ambition

”It is our ambition as a medium sized company to maximally contribute to CSR and sustainability.”

We have noticed that customers are increasingly asking for (more) sustainable products. To meet this need, it is our ambition to create a ‘Responsible Product‘. In order to translate this ambition into concrete objectives, we have appointed four CSR pillars in consultation with stakeholders which we want to implement in the next years. We want to focus on the pillars: sustainable purchasing, chain responsibility, sustainable product development and communication.

We launched a program to purchase products and materials sustainably, assesses and select suppliers on CSR criteria and to make transport routes more efficient. In addition, we will eventually eliminate the use of hazardous substances and develop products in an innovative and socially responsible way. We want CSR to be part of our corporate culture.

We strive to make sustainable choices in our business operations. Thereby, we focus on the following themes: sustainable procurement, chain responsibility, innovation and communication.

Our CSR pillars

“We feel responsible for the effects of our business activities on social and environmental issues. By focusing on a number of CSR pillars in the following years, we want to contribute to a sustainable world.’’

Sustainable procurement

We strive to sustainably buy products and materials. We want that, during the procurement process, next to price, quality and delivery time of a product, social and environmental aspects are also considered. We strive to include sustainability criteria in purchasing and development decisions.

Chain responsibility

We want to actively talk with suppliers about sustainability themes. With a supplier code, we want to explain to suppliers why we consider sustainability important and what is expected from our suppliers. In addition, we want to select new suppliers, among other things, on CSR criteria.

Sustainable product development

We want to constantly innovate with a view on CSR. For example, taking into account the choice of raw materials, quality, durability and usability during design. We want to reduce the impact of transport on the environment and ecosystems by purchasing our products close to home.

We strive to eliminate/reduce the use of hazardous substances in products, production processes and/or services where possible to prevent damage to the environment.


We strive for effective and timely communication about CSR to stakeholders, both internally and externally.