Your project is our project

No matter how simple and straight forward the technology, how robust the materials or how successful the experiments and testing: the two most decisive factors are the expertise and commitment of our employees and the professional installation capabilities of your staff.

Specially trained people at Lovink Enertech make sure your staff is able to effectively install all splices. Our familiarization courses are designed to enable splicer, qualified at the relevant voltages, to understand the practical and theoretical aspects of Lovink technology.

The training courses take place at our professionally equipped Training & Demo Center or on-site. We also have special in-house support engineers: they can offer your splicers assistance during their first job or during non-standard installation activities. Our support engineers have considerable experience in the field and are accustomed to imparting their knowledge.

We feel it is our duty to do more than just supply reliable products. In the end, the reliability of our solutions will be determined by the knowledge and skills of your splicers . That is why we see your project as our project.