Lovink Enertech produces resins for both low and medium voltage applications since the 1970s. These polyurethane resins provide the mechanical insulation and protect the electrical connection from external influences. The question is: ‘’what function do these resins have and why are they still so successful?’’

The Netherlands: Waterland

One of the most important influences from underground is the presence of moisture. Polyurethane resin is known for its hydrolysis resistance and highly resistant to prolonged exposure to (ground) water. Moreover, the resin attaches very well to other synthetic materials, such as lead and metal sheaths, making the seal optimal.

During casting, the viscosity is low. Viscosity is a term which is used to indicate the thickness of the resin. When the viscosity is low, the resin ‘flows’ effortlessly around all contours and in every cavity within the splice. The resin has a limited shrinkage after curing. As a result, all parts are permanently protected. All these features guarantee a reliable and long-lasting protection against moisture.

Armor against excavation damage

The good mechanical features such as the tensile strength, the hardness and the strength of impact ensure a solid protection. Together with the outer splice, the cured resin forms a solid armor. A cable splice that is filled with polyurethane resin often remains undamaged after contact with an excavator.

No risks during processing

Most resins are delivered in a two-compartment foil package in which the resin and the hardener are mixed in a safe manner. While processing, the splicer never comes into direct contact with the chemical components. Finally, as cured polyurethane resin is no longer labelled as chemical waste, residues can simply be processed as industrial waste.

What are the consequences for the energy network? Cable splices that are mechanically protected by polyurethane resin fail less often and are less vulnerable to excavation damage. In short, a solid network requires solid applications.

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