The new agreement between Enexis and Lovink Enertech was ratified in March 2022, after successfully completing a European tender for cable splices for medium voltage cables. The collaboration with Enexis has a long history and we are proud that the LoviSil® cable splices have once again been selected as the best choice for the electricity network of Enexis.

The award is in line with the previous contract in which Lovink Enertech is responsible for the supply and technical support of various types of cable splices for the connection of PILC cables and the transition to polymeric cables.

Involvement of the ‘makers’

Enexis attaches great value to the opinion of the installers. No matter how innovative a joint may be, the reliability of the connection is still largely determined by the quality of the assembly. Both the old and new generation of installers are very satisfied with the LoviSil® technology; the Lovink splices score high on application range, ease of installation and installation reliability.

Reliable Supply Chain

Enexis has indicated that Lovink scores above average on the delivery performance criterion. Enexis Supply Chain Management is designed to serve internal Enexis customers quickly and efficiently. That is why they pay a lot of attention to relationships with suppliers. Even in these troubled times, Enexis can rely on our maximum commitment.