In a bold stride towards sustainability, Lovink proudly unveils the integration of recycled ABS material in the redesign of its LoviSil® M-series outer shells. This groundbreaking move not only underscores Lovink Enertech’s unwavering commitment to quality but also marks a significant leap towards environmental responsibility.

For decades, Lovink Enertech has stood as a pioneer in ensuring the steadfast reliability of power grids. With the introduction of the revamped LoviSil® cable splice, driven by cutting-edge liquid silicone technology, Lovink continues to lead the charge in providing unmatched protection and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of modern energy infrastructure. This includes accommodating the integration of renewable energy sources and bolstering grid reinforcement initiatives.

The incorporation of recycled ABS material in the outer shells of LoviSil® cable splice not only upholds their durability but also significantly reduces their environmental impact. By repurposing post-consumer plastics, Lovink demonstrates its steadfast commitment to mitigating plastic waste and championing a circular economy.

Installation comfort

Furthermore, the sustainable redesign of LoviSil® cable splices prioritise ease of installation—an aspect directly influenced by listening to our customers’ concerns. The lighter weight and enhanced flexibility of the shells streamline the assembly process, rendering it simpler and more efficient for installation teams. Additionally, the new design ensures superior moisture sealing, providing the reliability and longevity of the splices across diverse operational conditions.

Great step forward

Initial feedback from customers is overwhelmingly positive, with many commending Lovink Enertech’s proactive stance towards sustainable product development. By seamlessly integrating recycled materials, optimising product design for ease of installation, and transitioning to plain cardboard packaging, Lovink sets an exemplary standard for environmentally conscious infrastructure solutions.

As Lovink continues its journey of innovation and evolution, the steadfast adoption of sustainable practices remains at the forefront of its strategic vision. With the revamped LoviSil® cable splices, Lovink reaffirms its unwavering commitment to sustainability, reliability, and excellence in the realm of energy infrastructure. This marks merely the inception of Lovink Enertech’s profound quest towards forging a greener, more sustainable future for all.