A new test certificate has been added to our LoviSil® M splices. Instead of a HD type test, our cable splices were subjected to a termite test on this occasion. The request came from Australia and offered us the opportunity to once again demonstrate the effective protection offered by LoviSil® technology.

The South Australian customer operates in an area where the ground is severely hampered by Mastotermes Darwiniensis termites. This is one of the most aggressive types of termites in the world. One of the solutions involves using an anti-termite mat, otherwise products must be termite-proof. Changes in the measurement method over the past 10 years meant a new certificate was needed.

The test was carried out by approved testing institute BAM, Bundesanhalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, in Berlin.

Soldiers and workers

A cross section of an installed LoviSil® splice was placed inside a container together with special wood. Over 500 termites were then added; 500 workers and 50 soldiers. The container was opened 8 weeks later and, after extensive evaluation, testers came to the conclusion that there were no signs of termite attack.

All soil conditions

The LoviSil® splice was already known as one of the most strongest splices, both electrically and mechanically. That is why the splice could successfully resist water pressure of 2 bar. But the splice now offers even more effective protection; also against termites.