For many years, the cable splices of Lovink Enertech have been used in petrochemical plants with great satisfaction. For a major international EPC contractor, the universal deployability for heavier industrial cables, the chemical durability and the training and certification of cable installers, were some of the main reasons for choosing LoviSil®.

In 2015, a senior Electrical Engineer of this renowned EPC contractor was looking for a fitting cable splice for updating medium voltage stations and accompanying networks. He was looking for one technology for all types of cable used in the petrochemical plants. The voltage levels varied from 3 to 30 kV and the cables were often provided with extra armors.

Chemical durability

After extensive presentations and additional investigations, the LoviSil® technology was selected. The chemical durability of the Protolin® resin turned out to provide additional value for the petrochemical industry as well. If, due to a calamity, the LoviSil® splices are exposed to chemical substances, they are extremely well protected. This is a requirement that straight through splices in the oil and gas industry must meet.

Preliminary work pays off

Today, LoviSil® splices are used as trifurcate and straight through splices, cross-bonding splices and loop splices. In order to select the correct splice, Lovink and the Engineer involved determined the correct splice configuration for each connection. Ron Tiedink, Account Manager at Lovink Enertech explains: ”Compiling such a list often takes a lot of preliminary work, but in the end it makes the order and assembly process much easier.”

Circular application

Together with the Engineer, Lovink was also involved with the implementation of new, circular cable types for the petrochemical industry. These new high voltage cable types with aluminium sheaths as a replacement for lead sheaths have existed for some time. As a result of the cooperation between the cable supplier, the EPC contractor and Lovink, a new solution was developed, whereby these new cable types can also be connected to the old paper-insulated cable. All this to great satisfaction of all parties involved. “The support and the willingness to provide and discuss new ideas ensure the great success of our cooperation with Lovink Enertech”, said the Engineer involved.