Aziz strives for quality in his role as co-working foreman on the packing line. Since joining Lovink Enertech in 1998, he has worked in almost every department. After a few years of drilling and tapping cable splices, which were then still made of cast iron, he was ready for a greater mental challenge. He first operated the bagging machines, and later assembled and packed the splice modules.

Aziz is an ‘all-rounder’, and now feels he has found his place as a foreman on the packing line, where Lovink Enertech’s growth can clearly be seen.

On the packing line, the outer splices are fitted with the rubber tube, and the screws are pre-mounted and packaged in the box with the other components of the basic module. Together with people who work in the field, the packing method is adapted to the working methods of the splicers.

Ensuring that everything runs on schedule, supervising people and continually focusing on quality suits Aziz down to the ground. He now knows that hard work alone, or as Aziz calls it ‘toiling’, is not the most important driver of success at Lovink Enertech. A faultless end product, the right product in the box and the quality of the components etc. are key. Finally, Aziz is glad to be involved with making a product that has an important social function. After all, poor connections lead to faults in our electricity network. This makes a cable splice a very special product.