Marco has been working at Lovink for almost 40 years, where he began in the iron foundry before moving to Lovink Enertech in 2002. For Marco, teamwork is the key to a successful production department.

As Team Leader in LSR production, Marco was involved with setting up this department from the beginning. Here, the silicone insulation components and stress cones for the 36 kV range are produced. These are important components, which are produced in a ‘clean room’ environment.

The 36 kV series of the LoviSil® cable splices are fitted with these silicone components, which collectively guarantee reliable stress control. The silicone tube is a prefab component with integrated stress control, and has the same electrical characteristics as the LoviSil® fluid and the cable insulation. In 2015, Lovink began producing these LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) components.

Marco was used to working as a team in his former role as Quality Control Inspector. In addition to inspection activities, he also prepared instructions and supervised people on the factory floor. When the LSR department was set up, he also had extensive contact with people from the E&D department. In the beginning, this took some time to get used to. Development Engineers often require quite some time to generate new ideas, and often the best solution arises through ‘trial and error’: it does not have to be right the first time. The entire launch was a fantastic and enlightening period.

It is obvious that Marco gets a lot of satisfaction from his job. As far as he is concerned, this has everything to do with the people, who are the key ingredients of a pleasant working environment. Everyone has a positive attitude, does their best and wants to help others. This also applies to the management: Marco is still very happy that he was given the trust and the freedom to set up something new, after so many years of service.

But the reverse also applies: Lovink Enertech is very happy with employees such as Marco, motivated professionals who are always open to new challenges.