LoviSil® stands for fluid insulation. All LoviSil® cable splices are electrically insulated with fluid silicone. This way of insulation is distinctive from all shrink and push on technologies with a number of unique properties.

LoviSil® technology is universal, installer-friendly and offers the best protection. Not only can our splices boast 30 years proven worldwide field experience with an extremely low failure rate. This technology can also cope with new developments such as grid reinforcement and renewable energy.


The silicone remains fluid and encapsulates every part in the splice. This minimises the risk of partial discharge caused by air voids.

LoviSil® and moisture

Should any moisture penetrate through the inner splice, a soft, water resistant and perfectly insulating rubber is formed. This cured LoviSil® provides an additional layer of protection against the effects of moisture ingress.

LoviSil® and cables

When applied to paper-insulated cables, LoviSil® performs the same insulating function as cable grease. This guarantees a long-term quality connection.

The dielectric constant (Er value) of liquid silicone is practically identical to the insulation of polymeric cables (XLPE/ EPR) and remains so even when cured. This provides a consistently homogeneous electric field.


The polyurethane resin, Protolin®, provides a tough environmental protection for the screen components and guarantees long-term moisture resistance.

Logistic advantages

LoviSil® splices are ordered using a modular system. This makes the splice flexible to different installation scenarios and universally applicable. LoviSil® provides solutions for all cable combinations.

The modular system offers logistic advantages as it is not necessary to stock separate splices for each cable combination.