LoviSil® branch splice offers solution for new charging station

Recently branch splices were installed in Wuppertal for the construction of a new charging station along the A1 Cologne-Dortmund motorway. The chemical durability of the LoviSil® splice gave it the advantage over other technologies.

The new charging station was placed next to a wayside restaurant at the opposite motorway. For the power supply, the current main cable (a 3-core paper-insulated cable) had to be branched to a 3×1-core XLPE cable. This could be achieved without any problems, using a LoviSil® branch splice.


Protection against chemical influences

During construction it was necessary to deal with contaminated soil, as traces of oil are a common problem on and along motorways. Due to the perfect insulation of liquid silicones and an ABS outer shell filled with Protolin® resin, the connection is provided with the best possible protection against these chemical influences.

Reliability with no additional costs

Direct branching of polymeric cable to paper-insulated cable saves on additional splices and cable length or a switching station. Moreover, the assembly time is considerably shorter. With a LoviSil® branch splice you select a reliable AND cost-effective solution.

The responsible utility is very happy with the LoviSil® solution and is investigating further possibilities of deploying the branch and trifurcate splices in its service area.

Interesting facts

  • Direct branching with a LoviSil® branch splice saves on additional splices and cable length
  • LoviSil® technology offers perfect protection against chemical influences