South African contractor Atlantic Power Cable Jointing recently discovered the LoviSil® concept for connecting PILC cables. After a comprehensive demonstration, their jointers were very impressed with how easy it is to install LoviSil® cable joints.

Atlantic Power Cable Jointing is one of a select number of contractors that regularly performs projects for the Municipality City of Cape Town utility. Its activities often involve making connections between PILC cables. LoviSil® liquid silicone technology offers extra protection because the silicone insulation serves the same purpose as cable grease in paper-insulated cables. This helps to eliminate discharge-related degradation when the paper becomes dry.

Export manager Dennis Jansen delivered a presentation and product demonstration at the workshop in Cape Town.

Crossing cables
The contractor has a lot of experience with the straight through joints of other suppliers and is familiar with shrinking technologies. LoviSil® technology was appreciated because it is so easy to install. It is also possible to cross PILC cables inside LoviSil® straight through joints. An extra advantage!

Demand for high-quality technologies
Atlantic Power Cable Jointing is pleased to have discovered LoviSil® technology. The contractor is active in various sectors, also outside South Africa. For instance, it performs projects in Asia and the Gulf States, where it realises 11 kV as well as 33 kV connections. It believes that LoviSil® cable joints can be used in projects where high-quality joints are needed.

We hope their jointers will soon be able to visit us for extensive training at out Training & Demo facilities in the Netherlands.