LoviSil® straight through joints

LoviSil® straight through joints

6/10 (12) kV – 18/30 (36) kV

For connections of polymeric (XLPE/EPR) cables or paper-insulated cables up to 1.000 mm2.

LoviSil® straight through joints are suitable for polymeric or paper-insulated cables regardless of design: large and small cross-sections, 1 and 3-core, different armours, voltage levels to 36 kV. LoviSil® always offers a reliable solution.

The joint construction of outer shells, polyurethane resin and LoviSil® offers superb protection against moisture and polluted soil.

Uniform build up, pre-installed parts offering efficient installation. Only standard tools and no shrinking or soldering.

One basic concept for all cable configurations. A modular system (base-, cable- and resin module) offers stock cost advantages.

LoviSil® guarantees a reliable electrical insulation and is extremely suitable for future grids.

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