Tamara is glad to talk about her work; packing cable modules. She began here 6 years ago as a holiday worker, and still feels at home every day at Lovink. For Tamara, her job does not feel like production work. It is not a production line: it requires precision, and you have to stay concentrated.

Tamara has set up her workspace as optimally as possible at her own initiative. She has ordered the most commonly-used components of the cable modules for easy access, and has had a system of containers and drawers built.

The cable modules are part of the modular system of the LoviSil® cable joints. By constructing a joint from a base module, a resin module and a cable module, the cable joint is universally applicable and offers logistical benefits. It is not necessary to keep different joints for each cable combination in stock. All cable types can be connected using one basic design.

Tamara’s responsibilities have gradually expanded, and today she also carries out support activities for the shipping department. For this work, she earned her forklift and VCA (Health, Safety and Environment Checklist for Contractors) license. This sometimes involves administrative activities as well, and while she is happy to do these too, she still enjoys working with her hands every day; an office job would not suit her at all.

Tamara enjoys working in a small team, where everyone knows one another well and is ready to lend a hand whenever something needs to be solved – and as a single partent, this comes in very handy. But at the same time, Lovink can always rely on her. For example, Tamara spent a few days in England last year assisting on site.

For Lovink Enertech, this relationship with the staff is very important. It is no surprise that we have a high customer satisfaction score for customer support.