Location:                           Terborg, Gelderland
Type of assignment:       Internship
Education:                        BSc Chemical engineering or mechanical engineering
Period:                               3 -5 months

The Department

The internship takes place in the E&D department. The disciplines of energy technology / high voltage, mechanical engineering, industrial design and chemical technology are represented within the department. We offer you a challenging internship with good supervision. In advance we will define a clear assignment together, so that the requirements of your university are met.

Lovink Enertech

At Lovink Enertech you have the advantages of a small company with the development facilities of a large company. Lovink is a personal, flexible and dynamic organization with short lines of communication, in which you as an intern can become acquainted with the many aspects of product development in a short period of time.

The assignment

How to obtain the most optimal heat insulation? – A challenging assignment related to thermodynamics and heat transport

In the Lovink cable joint, a resin is used to prevent the ingression of water into the joint. This resin is applied in between the outer and inner shield of the joint. Transport and application of the resin in all sorts of conditions, require for the resin to function at a broad temperature range. Within this desired temperature range, no phase changes or other functional changes are to take place. As the temperature range often poses a challenge in the development of the resin, changing the packaging of the resin can pose as an alternative solution. A better insulated packaging can result in a smaller temperature range which is required for the resin. The aim of this assignment is to evaluate to what extent additional insulation material, which can be applied during transport, can reduce the risk of phase changes of the resin. Evaluation will be based on heat transfer calculations and simulations on the heat transport in the current packaging and the possible influence of applying different insulation materials. Eventually, after having identified a suitable insulation method, the student will design and perform a practical test to validate the theory.

Curious about this assignment? Please feel free to contact Kristianne Tempelman (k.tempelman@lovink.com or 06-82661913). I will tell you more about the assignment and we will look at the possibilities together.