Internships – Chemical & Development

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An internship at Lovink Enertech offers many benefits. We are a personal, flexible and dynamic organization with short lines of communication. We offer you a challenge, good substantive guidance, a permanent point of contact and an enthusiastic engineering team in which collaboration is important. The team will facilitate and encourage you in every possible way to achieve your learning goals. Within Lovink there is plenty of room for personal initiative and development. Flexible working hours and locations allow individual implementation of the internship. Of course you will receive an excellent internship allowance.

Finally, there are opportunities for further development outside of work. Interns regularly continue to work with us as a holiday worker, as a temporary worker to continue a job or are employed in a regular position.

Engineering & Development department

Modern products and innovative solutions for specific issues, that is the challenge we work on every day. The Engineering & Development department is responsible for the development of new products and the optimization and technical maintenance of the existing product portfolio. We therefore invest a lot in product development and engineering. To this end, Lovink Enertech has extensive and modern test facilities, such as an electrical and materials laboratory and an outdoor test field.

Our development projects often have an external focus, where collaboration with customers is of great importance. In addition, we cannot and do not want to do everything ourselves, which means that we continuously seek and have partnerships with universities, colleges, research institutions and suppliers.

Read more about the various internship and graduation assignments in the field of Engineering, Research & Design below. If you would like to know more about an assignment or get acquainted without obligation, please contact Dennis Bergsma (E&D Manager) by email or by telephone 06-12443980. We look forward to your response!

Are you interested to work on polymer or analytical chemistry for synthetic resins?

Lovink Enertech produces, develops and supplies medium voltage cable joints filled with electrical insulation and synthetic resin for the energy sector, industry and the renewable energy market. Lovink has developed its own synthetic resins which meet the advanced requirements for application in medium voltage cable joints. The state-of-art resin technology of Lovink provides advantageous features to electrical cables such as mechanical strength, electrical insulation and water protection.

A number of projects have been initiated by the E&D department of Lovink Enertech for the development of efficient, high quality and environmental-friendly resins for medium to high voltage applications. These projects involve synthesis of resin, polymerization, palettization, thermal analysis, rheology, adhesion and electrical analysis for their applications in electrical cables.

If you are a student of polymer chemistry, material chemistry or analytical chemistry then the following projects might be interesting for you:

  • Development of human and environmentally-friendly resin for its application in cable joint.
  • Design a new formulation to improve the adhesion properties of a synthetic resins.
  • Improve the thermal stability of resin in a cable joint.
  • To develop a new polyurethane resin based on an alternative hardener.
  • Development of superhydrophobic polymer for water protection to electrical cables.

All the projects will be carried out at our Material Laboratory (M-Lab) in collaboration with universities (if required) under the supervision of R&D scientists.

Required knowledge:

Education Level: HLO or HBO or University degree

Major subjects: Chemistry, Chemical Technology, Organic Chemistry or Polymer Chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Material Science.

Duration: Graduation assignment for 4 or 6 or 9 months