We are not fooled by the massive energy transition but instead get excited by the challenges that the sustainable world demands of us. We embrace the new world with passion and determination. We remain true to our mission of more than a century: to provide reliable products that stand the test of time and deliver that little bit extra. The world demands a greener and smarter electricity grid and we are moving with it.

At the heart of our company beats not only machines, but also our core values: Dedication, Craftsmanship, Meaning and Ambition. Together they form the basis of our corporate culture, in which cooperation, customer orientation and excellent performance are of paramount importance. That’s what gives us energy!

Our customers, from utilities to industrial partners, are faced with the immense task of expanding and reinforcing the electricity grid and making it more sustainable at the same time. Our products are indispensable links in this process, designed with the future in mind and with a focus on sustainability and reliability. We go beyond just supplying; we think along, innovate and stand side by side with our customers in the field. We want to understand our customers and go far in our services.

The energy sector is going for sustainability and so are we. We feel responsible for our impact on people and the environment. Together, we are committed to society and strive for a sustainable future for all. Join our team and let’s build a future together where sustainability and progress go hand in hand.