Dutch utility Westland Infra has signed a multi-year contract to use LoviSil® technology for all its transition joints. The company has thus selected a cable joint that is not only sustainable, but is also universally compatible with all voltages and has a favourable TCO.

No everyday network

The Westland region is prosperous and innovative and features many companies that specialise in greenhouse horticulture.  Energy company Westland Infra manages these high-performance energy grids, which feature 2,700 km of underground cable and have many large-scale consumers. Because there are a lot of greenhouses, which are connected to co-generation plants, there are also major fluctuations in the load placed on the grid. As a result, the grid, and components like cable joints, must not only ensure the perfect electrical connection, but must also be very robust and reliable.

Creating the best connection together

Effective implementation was needed to make the grid more sustainable and perform several future projects. This involved working closely with various departments at Westland. There was close collaboration with Asset Management, work planners and the procurement department when compiling cable specifications and selecting suitable cable joints.

1Training took place in December and January. After extensive theoretical and practical training, jointers assembled the first joint in the grid under supervision from Lovink. Ron Tiedink, Account Manager at Lovink Enertech explains: “Jointers at Westland were very good at preparing the cable, which allowed the training process to flow smoothly and made it possible to immediately install joints in practice.”