Colleagues tell

Energy is made together

At Lovink Enertech, we believe in the power of cooperation; energy is something you make together.

But what makes working at Lovink so special? Find out by reading the stories of our colleagues and get an idea of our connection with energy. Our team includes developers, production staff, procurement and logistics specialists, account managers and support colleagues in finance, HR and communications.

Together, we push boundaries, both literally and figuratively. By continuously innovating, we remain at the cutting edge and can rightly be called specialists in our market. But what we are really proud of is our passion and motivation. At Lovink Enertech, you will find a team of motivated people, young and old, who strive to deliver the best product every day.

Job satisfaction is our top priority, and you can feel it in everything we do. Join our team and let’s build a future together where sustainability and progress go hand in hand.