Close collaboration took place with customers in the Netherlands and England when developing cable joints in the LoviSil® M series. This involved working with asset managers, trainers and jointers, and provided valuable input that Lovink Enertech was able to successfully incorporate into the new M series.

From start to finish

The development process started by working with customers to see how LoviSil® joints could be improved. This involved conducting interviews and performing a baseline measurement about existing installation. All improvements were then highlighted and incorporated into the development process. The improvement project focused on installation convenience and installation logic, and was aimed at simplifying installation and reducing the likelihood of installation errors. Interim evaluations with management and users were carried out during the project, and the result was eventually tested during the final validation.

Experiences in practice

Final validation involved organising 3 installations, where jointers had to install the LoviSil® M joint without any form of instructions. The installation process was also observed by asset managers from utility companies and people from Lovink Enertech.

The response of jointers was very positive. Sizes have been clearly mentioned in the new user manual. The lighter and transparent inner joint, with hinge and click connection, is easier to operate and offers control over components installed in the inner joint. The tubeset is unambiguous and easy to install once the connector has been fitted. It is no longer necessary to use glue (Lofit) for the inner shells and earthing for the cables has been simplified by fitting an earthing strip. Finally, the new resin bags are easier to use and the LoviSil jerry can has been replaced by a bag, which means the jerry can holder is no longer necessary. In short, people were satisfied, which was reflected in their responses:
“Everything is visible and the min/max indicator is great”
“No more waiting around, which means you can carry on working”
“The things you need are at the top, which is useful and means you no longer have to search around”

Jointers were unanimous in awarding a score of 8-plus for the installation convenience of cable joints in the new M series!

Asset managers were also very satisfied. To summarise: “Definitely an improvement; less work, better components, effective operation and easier installation”. The final result was given a score of 8.5.

Toolkit meetings for Lovisil® jointers

Considering the logical structure, the nature of improvements and the new, transparent installation, asset managers and jointers felt it was not necessary to re-certify jointers. A (demo) presentation, toolkit meeting and e-learning will be sufficient to bring jointers up-to-speed with changes in the installation process. That is why Lovink Enertech has established an e-learning module, which can be accessed via the website (see the accompanying article elsewhere in this newsletter).