The partnership with Dutch utility Enduris, which was previously known as Delta, was once again extended in September. Lovink Enertech has been supplying LoviSil® transition joints for the Zeeland region since 2005. Some of the highest water levels in the Netherlands can be found in this province. The LoviSil® joint, which has been tested at water pressure of 2 bar, is thus a wise choice.


Firstly, Enduris is very pleased with the versatility of LoviSil® joints. In addition, excellent performance in terms of reliability and convenience played a role in its decision to extend the contract with Lovink Enertech.

Important role for jointers

Enduris places great emphasis on training its jointers. Training and re-training courses are organised on a periodic basis, and Lovink Enertech does everything to offer the required support. Lovink Enertech actually involved Enduris in the process for redesigning LoviSil® cable joints. The process also involved Asset Managers, trainers and jointers, and provided valuable input that was later successfully implemented. It resulted in joints with even better installation convenience and even lower chance of installation errors. The new LoviSil® cable joints have been warmly welcomed by all Enduris jointers in the meantime.

LoviSil® loop joint solution

1The grid operator was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to use the LoviSil® loop-joint when creating a loop in its network: “This is an intelligent, technical solution that makes use of an existing product in the LoviSil® range. Not only does this joint eliminate the need for extra cable, it also significantly reduces excavation and road repair work.” That was Asset Management’s opinion of the solution back in 2015.


Positive experiences with Lovink Enertech have now resulted in the partnership being extended. Account Manager Ron Tiedink explains the decision: “Besides reliable products, we appreciate Lovink Enertech for its ability to find solutions and quickly respond to our needs. We now look forward to continuing this pleasant relationship.”