Ron Tiedink started as Account Manager for the Netherlands at Lovink Enertech in 2013. In this role, he maintains many contacts with utilities, contractors, installation companies, also engineering agencies and project developers for the sustainable energy market. To summarise: a challenging job in a variable working environment.

In his first job after completing the Electrical Engineering HBO (higher professional education) study programme, he was responsible for maintaining and managing the power station at Akzo. Over the past 10 years, Ron has been commercially active in the development and production of transformers for sustainable energy. Both experiences are serving him well at Lovink Enertech: “Being involved in project preparation provides valuable practical insight; I have a good understanding of what this target group faces. Having experienced the rise of sustainable energy in Europe, at close range, I have become well aware of the challenges this ‘new energy’ brings with it.”

Customer collaboration

Ron likes to get close to the customer and seeks collaboration wherever possible: “Together with the customer, you only have one interest: ensuring a reliable electricity network. For the asset manager, this means reliable products, and for the jointer, ease of assembly is of the utmost importance.” This ‘multi-level approach’ suits Ron well. He often meets with decision-makers, but also likes to talk with the jointers in the field or is actively involved in the technical analysis of joint failures.

He considers it his duty to promote all customer interests within Lovink Enertech too, such as the development of new products. A good example is the continued development of the LoviSil® cable joint. “Many people think that the LoviSil® joint has been sold in its present form for 25 years, but nothing is further from the truth. Improvements are constantly sought, for instance, over the past year, work has been carried out in close collaboration with customers to further improve and simplify the ease of assembly. Customer input in projects such as these is essential”, explains Ron.

According to Ron, LoviSil® technology will play an important role in dealing with challenges that developing energy markets create, he explains: “Heavier loads on the network due to sustainable generation methods require more robust jointing solutions. LoviSil® cable joints meet this challenge due to the liquid silicone-based technology.”

Quality products with lowest TCO

Challenges posed by changing technology in the electrical distribution industry has made the market aware that investments in the network cannot simply be assessed in terms of price. The long-term reliability of the network is of the utmost importance and requires strong high-quality products. Ron believes that Lovink Enertech has an important role to play in this: “Lovink’s mission to supply high-quality products with the lowest TCO is completely in keeping with modern times. The entire organisation is working hard to realise this, our focus on the future can be felt throughout the organisation.”

Ron looks back pleased on his decision to work for Lovink Enertech. The technical challenges, the variety and the discovery of new sustainable markets mean that he is far from being bored. As far as he is concerned, Lovink has a wonderful, sustainable future ahead of it.