Lovink Enertech has developed a durable and safe to install PILC termination using the proven LoviSil® technology. The LoviFlex® terminations therefore meet the need to extend the life of the PILC network. In addition, the termination wins out on ease of installation; never before has a termination been so safe and easy to install.

Many grid operators focus on preserving existing assets for as long as possible. The PILC network is gradually being replaced, but more and more people are opting for expansion without replacing the PILC assets. After all, many assets are still of excellent quality, such as the switch boxes for PILC connections. The so-called oil termination often ensures the connection of the paper cable to the switch box. But there is now a better alternativ.

Liquid silicone instead of oil
The Lovink termination is filled with LoviSil®, a liquid silicone medium that guarantees perfect electrical insulation. LoviSil® migrates with the cable grease and thus prevents the paper cable from drying out. In addition, the LoviSil® in the termination is hardened after 2-3 weeks, so that refilling is unnecessary.

Simple and safe installation
The use of LoviSil® makes installation much safer and the installation time considerably shorter. Heating oil and waiting times for cooling are a thing of the past. The two-piece construction ensures that the LoviFlex® termination can also be installed with ease in tight spaces. The connection and housing are completed in just a few steps. The flexible sleeve makes it easy for the jointer to size and the parts are attached without bolts. After that, the termination can be filled immediately, without heating or waiting times.

During the development, there was close collaboration with a large Dutch grid operator. The requested specifications have been incorporated into the design requirements and there has been frequent contact about the implementation in the meantime. The LoviFlex® termination has now been successfully tested and the demonstrations with the grid operator also went well.

Lovink stands for reliable and innovative solutions to strengthen your electricity systems. With this termination, a new, distinctive product with many installation and safety advantages has been added to the Lovink product range.