Lovink Enertech has recently developed a new tool that makes it even easier to establish the correct diameters when applying build-up tapes in LoviSil® cable joints. The Lovink universal slide calipers have been designed for all taping applications within LoviSil® cable joints.


Lovink has opted for a slide mechanism, a familiar design suitable for single-handed operation. The Lovink slide calipers are made from durable plastic and can be used for a period of at least five years when used under normal conditions. The calipers can be used to measure diameters from 40 mm to 155 mm. Being universal, the slide calipers remove any need for jointers to carry several different pre-set gauges.

Reliable connection

It has never been so easy to determine correct build-up thickness. This tool makes installation easier and ensures that one of the most important installation steps is always taken carefully and reliably. By purchasing these calipers, the jointer will have a universal and convenient tool at his disposal at all times.