Lovink Enertech is synonymous with intelligent, innovative and cost-effective solutions, which we design, engineer and test from start to finish. We have extensive and modern test facilities, such as a high voltage and material laboratory and an external test field.

Our tests are conducted in compliance with CENELEC HD 629, IEC 61442 (accessories) and IEC 60455-3-8 (resins). The first of these standards specifies the content and requirements the testing methods must meet; the latter specifies the required values. Besides Lovink Enertech intensifies the testing by conducting the tests at 20 metres head of water (2 bar) pressure, while the standard only stipulates a pressure of 1 metre (0.1 bar). This is because of the specific, heavy characteristics of soil in the Netherlands.

Experience the expertise

In test facilities we can conduct a large number of trials and tests. Not only for our own applications but also for external parties, e.g. customers. Our test engineers are highly educated and have the knowledge and expertise to successfully execute your tests.

Failure investigation

Technically our products have an extremely low failure rate but because of various causes, such as excavation, cable failures or installation errors, failures can occur. Investigating these failures requires a lot of time and expertise. Lovink Enertech can be of help in this. We can analyse on-site and conduct further technical investigation in our test facilities.

List of test installations

  • Partial Discharge Cabin with a noise level of less than 1pC
  • HV short term test cage
  • HV long term outdoor test field
  • HV long term indoor test field with possibility of 3 simultaneous tests
  • Current transformers up to 2500A
  • Voltage transformers: 50kV/1A, 130kV/1.2A, 100kV/0.02A, 3 x 45kV/0.5A
  • Pressure tanks for testing up to 2 bar water pressure
  • Open outdoor tank for testing at 0.1 bar water pressure
  • Liquid insulation breakdown tester

List of tests which can be performed by Lovink

• DC voltage up to 420kV
• AC voltage up to 300kV
• Partial discharge up to 100kV
• Impulse voltage up to 420kV
• Heating cycle in air
• Heating cycle in water (2 bar)
• Partial discharge at elevated and ambient temperature
• Impulse voltage at ambient temperature

Insulation compunds:
• Viscosity tests
• Pot life & gel time tests
• Exothermic peak temperature tests
• Density tests
• Impact strength tests
• Shore hardness tests
• Tensile strength & elongation tests