LoviSil® cross-bonding joint offers solution for cable losses

Dutch utility Cogas has completely changed to the LoviSil® technology, for both transition and straight through applications. The greatest advantage, according to Gerard Geist, Senior Advisor Asset Management, is that jointers are working with one universal joint and do not have to make a switch when a different type of joint must be installed. ”It also makes a difference in stock costs. After all, we only have to keep one type of cable joint in stock”, Gerard Geist says.

Cross-bonding joint

In the middle of 2011, the currents in the earth screens were measured. They increased to above 60A, with even some peaks at 100A. This caused Cogas to think about a ‘cross-bonding’ application. Gerard Geist explains: ”Naturally, Cogas wanted a solution to be found within the present LoviSil® concept, and that was done very successfully.” Recent measurements indicated that the currents over the earth screen have been reduced to 5A. The diagram shows the measurements during a day of the conductor’s and earth screen’s current load. To conclude, he remarked that the cooperation with Lovink was also successful due to the good contacts: ”It is great that the lines are short and that there is also direct contact with the technical developers’.”

Interesting facts

  • Reducing compensating currents because of cross-bonding application