Climate targets call for an acceleration of the energy transition. The number of solar panels and wind turbines is increasing rapidly and every day we consume more electricity. Together with the increase in electricity feed-in, this creates capacity problems on the electricity grid.

The grid has to be reinforced and expanded, which requires significant time and manpower, this at a time when there is a huge shortage of technically qualified personnel and available materials.

Work to be done

Britain has led the industrialised world in the march towards net zero emissions and, with it, greater energy security. Since the UK’s first commercial wind farm began exporting renewable power to the network in 1992, the networks have connected nearly c. 32GW at distribution level, enabling rapid progress towards a decarbonised power grid by 2035.

Our LoviSil® cable joints have been instrumental in shaping some of this new infrastructure, standing out not just for their technical superiority but also for their effortless installation process. Their assembly is defined by a robust, straightforward, and intuitive design, ensuring seamless integration every step of the way.

Delivering reliability

Our adaptability empowers us to offer renewable energy solutions that seamlessly align with the dynamic needs of the market. Backed by our extensive expertise and adeptness, we consistently deliver precisely what our customers require. It’s no coincidence that our customer satisfaction ratings soar high, backed by a delivery reliability exceeding 99%.

At Lovink, we cultivate enduring partnerships with our suppliers, fostering robust agreements and alliances. These strategic collaborations enable us to swiftly meet the rising demand for materials driven by the energy transition.

In essence, our track record speaks for itself: when it comes to delivering, we excel.