In December 2013, Dennis Bergsma started working as the new E&D Manager at Lovink Enertech. After almost 7 years in various roles for Alliander it was time for him to take the next step. A step driven by innovation.


Dennis has contributed to the innovative force of many departments in various roles. This experience will serve him well in his new role at Lovink Enertech. Along with his colleagues Dennis will focus on the development of new products. “Within the department we want to take the next step: from a product-focused to an innovation-focused way of working.”
According to him existing products are also due for renewal. Certainly where those product adaptations lead to broader compatibility or if they are used to resolve customer-specific problems. “In particular the LoviSil® product group, which has so many universal and unique features that the end of its life cycle is still a long way off.”


The success of products stands or falls on their acceptance in the market. Close cooperation with colleagues in Sales and Marketing is therefore very important. “Thankfully Lovink Enertech characterises itself as an open culture, the lines of communication are short and you can always knock on each other’s doors.” This culture is spread across the entire business, as is the enthusiasm for our products that everyone has. “And this is not just in individual departments, the general passion for the organisation as a whole can be felt throughout.”

In addition there will be even closer cooperation with customers, both in the development of new products and the engineering of existing products. “This can take place in various configurations, in which the involvement of the individual customer can be on a large or small scale.”

Experience and creativity

Overall it is an exciting time, there is a great deal going on in the energy sector, and at Lovink Enertech. More than ever business must prove their added value. “I anticipate that as an E&D department, we can provide a contribution to the further rollout of Lovink Enertech’s innovative image, with new products, improved products and customer-specific solutions.” Innovation is the key to this. In Dennis’s opinion this applies not only to products but also to the organisation. The Engineering & Development department possesses a great deal of experience and problem-solving capacity. “Managing this experience in the correct way and the stimulation of creativity is going to lead to some great new developments”, says Dennis.