Dennis Jansen joined Lovink Enertech as Export Account Manager in December 2012. He is responsible for maintaining relationships with existing customers in export regions such as South Africa and South America and also focuses on new business development in Europe.

Dennis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has an extensive international commercial experience with both trading companies and, more sector-related, with an international operating cable company. This expertise is beneficial every day at Lovink. “In the last position I was also responsible for large industry projects, a sector which is becoming increasingly interesting to Lovink Enertech. Particularly in petrochemical companies you see that they are receptive to a reliable connective technology in which flame-free installation is possible.”

Long term

Dennis is used to investing a great deal in customer relations. Doing business internationally takes a lot of time, patience and care. The generation of new business in particular is a considerable job. “Countries such as Italy and France for example are characterised by a strong (state) utility company and often work with a particular technology for years and do not convert easily”. Furthermore, utility companies place strong demands on the products they use in their electricity network: “Networks must put in 25 to 40 years of service and cable joints play an important role in this. For security they spend a lot of time on specifications and deliberate extensively before committing to a supplier for the long term. It is my role to guide utility companies in this process”. Lovink Enertech’s reliable image is very useful. “In particular the universal application of the LoviSil® cable joint appeals to foreign utility companies, as we often encounter special cables there” says Dennis.


After about a year, Dennis can look back on a number of successful projects. LoviSil® technology is gaining ground in South Africa, the Argentinian utility company will soon place a large LoviSil® order and in Europe a number of LoviSil® field trials have taken place in locations including Italy. In addition, he is currently building on the continued introduction of the LoviSil® oil refill joints on German industrial estates.


Dennis enjoys a challenge and likes to get his teeth into specific customer requests. In doing so he can rely on the technical expertise of colleagues. He considers it a great advantage that Lovink Enertech has a team of experts in its Engineering & Development department: “All disciplines are represented here so you often get answers in no time as to whether something is possible or not. This is highly appreciated by customers.” The culture of cooperation is evident across the entire business, from the people in production to the board of directors, “There is a strong team spirit, informal working with each other and scope to build up your role, in line with commercial policy naturally.”

Dennis also has confidence in the future of Lovink Enertech and anticipates that expansion of the export regions will continue to contribute to the company’s growth objectives. “Lovink has existed for 100 years already, which is a good basis for a reliable product portfolio and sustainable policy!”