At the end of October Lovink Enertech attended one of the most important seminars about cable accessories in Pfaffenhofen (Germany). Our presentation about future challenges concerning the grid and the solutions that LoviSil® technology offers to cope with these, was well-received.

More than 40 technicians participated in a two-day programme which involved presentations from different knowledge institutes and accessories suppliers. A good opportunity for Lovink to present themselves and exchange knowledge with professionals from the utility sector.

Impact sustainable input

Current developments such as the increase in sustainable input are technologically deepened, also in relation to consequences in the grid. In the next few years, Germany expects a highly increased risk of PD’s, as a result of thermal and mechanical influences that occur in the grid where solar panels and batteries are fed-in locally, electric and hybrid cars are charged and finally, where wind energy is fed in the high-voltage and medium-voltage grids.

LoviSil® is ready for the future

The field control and electrical insulation of the connection play a critical role here. Using the special properties of liquid silicone, LoviSil® differentiates themselves from heat-shrink and cold-shrink materials. Moreover, the capacitive field control ensures a reliable control of the field lines.

Stefan Pap, the company’s Account Manager in Germany, adds to this: ”Insulating compounds slow down the ageing of components and allows cable expansion caused by thermal influences. In this way, LoviSil® cable joints are ready for the future.”