A conversation with Dr. Lukasz Chmura, Product Development Engineer at Lovink Enertech

Lovink Enertech: a high-tech company

Lukasz Chmura joined Lovink as Product Development Engineer just over eighteen months ago. After graduating in Delft, Lukasz – who is of Polish origin – noticed many challenges in the Dutch energy landscape. A few years later, he decided to move to Lovink; a Dutch company with all-round expertise – product development, research, testing and in-house production.

Lukasz started his doctoral studies at TU Delft in 2009 and his doctoral research focused on outage statistics in electric systems. He first encountered Lovink during a customer seminar in 2014, where he gave a presentation about his research at Alliander – “Statistical analysis of failures occurring in the population of 10 kV nekaldiet joints.”

Win-win situation for technology & design
He is now part of the E&D team and spends his time expanding Lovink’s existing product portfolio. His activities are based on the needs of customers, but he also keeps a very close eye on developments in the market. Lukasz explains: “I am always looking to optimise and improve the performance of products.”

For instance, he recently developed a spacer for a newly developed straight through joint. “The new design helped to improve the robustness of the joint and the new-found knowledge will allow us to further optimise end products in the future.” Thus a win-win situation for technology and design! Lukasz now hopes to develop more of these performance improvements in Lovink’s products.

Lovink is a team
Lovink offers Lukasz everything he is looking for: “Lovink allows me to do everything in the field of HV engineering; this includes researching, calculating, building, testing and writing about products.” Lukasz and his colleagues are currently updating the testing facilities, which includes the outdoor testing field. Lukasz explains: “Circumstances are always simulated in laboratories, so important ‘live’ insights can be obtained when cable joints are tested under the ground.”

Lukasz likes the short lines of communication, which allow good ideas to be implemented quickly and efficiently. In addition, his colleagues are more than willing to help one another: “from directors to people on the shop floor; everyone works together and prioritises the company’s interests.”

Putting Lovink on the map
Lukasz’s ambition is to make Lovink products ‘future-proof’. He has plenty of ideas about how to do this, and one of them involves monitoring the joints. But he also wants to promote the Lovink name: “I find it challenging to manage interesting projects together with my colleagues – I want to further develop my abilities in this regard. I also think it is important to regularly give presentations.  This will allow Lovink to put itself on the map as a high-tech company.”