Medium voltage cable joints – also called MV cable joints – connect underground cables. Many developments have taken place since the electrification in the early 1900s, both in the field of cables and cable accessories. The role of cable joints quickly became crucial to allow electricity to flow undisturbed through the cables.

Today there are many types of cables in the ground. Where in the past mainly paper lead cables (PILC) were installed, now only polymeric cables (XLPE) are used. Lovink Enertech developed a unique liquid silicone technology in the 1980s. We successfully use these in the LoviSil® cable joints – such as our transition joints, straight through joints and branch joints. The LoviSil® technology makes it possible to connect all types of cables within one joint concept, whereby…

  • long-term moisture barrier is guaranteed;
  • sustainable energy and grid reinforcement are not a problem;
  • the chance of partial discharges is minimal;
  • installation can be realized easily, quickly and without flame;
  • the cables will continue to function without any problems for at least 40 years.

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Medium voltage cable joints for every situation

A reliable electricity grid requires reliable products. Cable joints not only connect the cables, but also protect the grid for a long time.

Soil conditions often present many challenges: presence of moisture in countries with a high water level or contaminated soil in industrial areas. In addition, the two-way traffic in the cable -as a result of feeding back sustainably generated energy- also ensures the necessary adjustments.

Lovink’s cable joints offer the perfect solution for all these situations. We offer a complete range of cable joints with the best protection, a very low failure rate and suitable for future networks. Our specialists have a lot of knowledge and experience. We are involved worldwide in advising utilities on how they can protect their electricity grids for the long term by investing in reliable cable joints. At the bottom of the line, an investment in high-quality, future-proof assets always pays for itself.

The benefits of  LoviSil® technology

In the long term, investing in liquid technology wins out over the currently widely used shrink technologies. LoviSil® is a silicone-based insulation that can withstand high temperatures and has the inherent ability to suppress partial discharges. Cable joints based on liquid silicone have also been successfully tested at 2 bar water pressure. The LoviSil® cable joint also distinguishes itself from shrink technologies in terms of ease of installation; flame-free and a minimum of jointer-dependent actions. LoviSil® cable joints are made up of modules. This makes the cable joints very flexible and universally applicable. In addition, the modular system offers logistical advantages because it is not necessary to keep separate cable joints for each cable combination in stock.

Discover our customer-specific solutions

We offer an extensive program of cable joints based on the LoviSil® concept. We have a solution for every cable connection. Almost any cable combination fits in one of our LoviSil® housings. This means that we often come up with economical solutions. Such as connecting a 3-single-core connection in one cable joint instead of three. Together with you, we look at which cables must be connected and which specifications the connection must meet.

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