Lovink Enertech has recently completed an installation training programme for the Zulti Mine Project in South Africa. After the training course of several days in Richards Bay, eight jointers were certified for the connection of 3-core 33 kV cable using the LoviSil® technology. 

Lovink, with its many years of experience, is well aware of how important good training is. The various countries in which we work and the wide variety of applications with which we work often require intense customization of these training sessions. The standard procedures we teach can vary, for instance, and the equipment available is not the same in all locations.

Personal attention
The unique characteristics of the Zulti Project, with its heavy industrial cables and extremely marshy soil, required thorough, in-depth training. In addition to two Lovink trainers, the South African distributor KBK and Export Manager Dennis Jansen were also present. The approach was a success: “After each training module, the jointers were evaluated extensively. This provided us with good insight into their daily practices,” explains Dennis Jansen. The training was concluded with an installation, performed by the new jointers, under the supervision of the Lovink trainers.

Clean and simple
The jointers were all very positive about the LoviSil® technique. Besides the simplicity of the installation steps, they were also enthusiastic about performing the installation without  gas. “Much cleaner and less dangerous” was their reaction. Both the jointers as well as the Lovink trainers look forward with confidence to the installations in the field.

Reference for grid managers in South Africa
It goes without saying that Lovink is proud of this project. Undergound mining is an important sector in the South African economy. In addition to that, it is a nice reference for other projects in South Africa. At the sector-related AMEU trade fair and technical conference in Cape Town, where KBK, with the support of Lovink Enertech, had a stand, many grid managers showed significant interest in the LoviSil® technique. It is due to these recent developments that the reputation of the LoviSil® cable joints has grown so significantly and that Lovink Enertech has such a strong grip on the South African market.