Vincent graduated as a chemical technician a year ago, and began his career as a Product Development Engineer at Lovink Enertech. Although most of his fellow students opted for a job in process technology, Vincent is very happy that he chose Lovink Enertech.

Vincent is the 1st point of contact in the field of chemistry and enjoys helping his colleagues, with both practical and theoretical assistance. He often swaps his desk for the lab, where new ideas are tested.

The success of Lovink’s cable accessories is due in part to the contribution of the insulation materials such as liquid silicones (LoviSil®) and polyurethane (Protolin®). The carefully-prepared formulae are developed in-house, and are partly produced here too. By extensively testing the insulation material, Lovink can guarantee good quality. Our many years of experience, combined with the contribution of young, highly-educated talent such as Vincent, mean that we can continue to further develop our products.

The energy transition that is now under way offers plenty of opportunities for this. Vincent believes that products should be as safe as possible, and this is one of the main priorities in his projects. He enjoys taking the lead in this respect, and notices the benefits of being part of a small, committed organization: “Lovink is not a huge, bureaucratic organization. Initiative and suggestions for improvements are valued, and that gives a feeling of trust”, says Vincent.