LoviSil® loop joint is gaining ground in the Netherlands

A large Dutch network operator has approved the use of the LoviSil® loop joint for the temporary or permanent jointing out/ disconnection of MV substations. This makes bending back cables and installing an extra straight joint unnecessary.

The grid operator immediately seen the benefits. It saves a lot of time and reduces project costs as there is less excavation work, causes less inconvenience to the environment and is less dangerous for jointers. In a traditional situation, the MV ring main circuit would be interrupted for a longer period during the conversion of an MV substation, which is not desirable. After converting the MV substation, the loop joint is removed, and the substation can be included in the MV ring again.

Maintenance MV substations

The initial installation was supervised by Lovink and the LoviSil® loop joint will soon be introduced at the training school. After that, the network operator is ready to successfully deploy the loop joint during maintenance of MS substations.

Loop joint – savings
The LoviSil® loop joint is a branch joint that is provided with a end stop on the feed-in side. With a loop joint, the cables do not need to be returned for the connection; these can both be installed on one side of the joint. This saves significant time: less excavation work and shorter installation time. In addition, no extra cable length and cable joints are needed.

Are you wondering whether the LoviSil® loop joint can also be applied in your network, please contact one of our product specialists.

Interesting facts

  • LoviSil® loop joint offers large savings - less excavation work and shorter installation time!
  • LoviSil® loop joint sustainable solution - no extra cable length and cable joints are needed!